If it is your first time using the new BruinCast web interface it is suggested to visit this help page to get a quick orientation.

  • We are currently taking recording requests for Spring 2019.  The deadline for requests is Monday 3/11/19.  Any requests submitted after the deadline will be handled during the second week of school.

Attention faculty!! There is a known issue with access permissions that prevents you from requesting services.  To resolve this issue please send us an e-mail at bruincast@g.ucla.edu with your BOL username so that we can update the permissions for your account.  Once we have updated your permissions you will be able to request services.  We appreciate your patience in dealing with this extra step.

If you are a student looking to access the BruinCast video content please do not use this web interface.  All content should be accessed through your CCLE course web page.

Fast track to our services

  • BruinCast - Regular recordings of undergraduate courses